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  • Birth certificates

    If a birth has been registered in Ontario, you can apply for this certificate online quickly, simply and securely. If your baby has not been registered, please use the Newborn Registration Service.

    Before you start

    To order a short-form or long-form birth certificate, you will need:

    1. Your first and last name, mailing address, and phone number
    2. Information of the person on the birth certificate:
      • first, middle, and last name, date of birth, sex and city of birth
      • previous legal names for the person named on the birth certificate (if applicable)
      • parents’ information
    3. A guarantor if the subject is 9 years and older
    4. Payment for the certificate

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  • Ontario photo cards

    An Ontario photo card is a government-issued photo identification that will allow non-drivers aged 16 years of age and over to access government, financial or business services that require proof of identity.

    Before You Start

    To apply for an Ontario photo card, you must be a non-driving resident of Ontario, 16 years of age and over. If you have a driver’s licence, you must surrender your driver’s licence in order to apply for a photo card. Your Driver’s licence will be cancelled.

    Before you visit one of the ServiceOntario locations to apply for a photo card, you will be required to provide valid original identity documents that prove legal name, date of birth and signature. Acceptable identification includes a birth certificate, passport, citizenship card and permanent resident card.

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  • Register your newborn baby

    The Newborn Registration Service is a convenient way to complete up to four important transactions online at the same time:

    1. Register the birth of your baby under the age of one year
    2. Apply for your baby’s Birth Certificate
    3. Apply for your baby’s Social Insurance Number
    4. Apply for your baby’s Canada Child Benefits

    Before You Start

    To register your newborn baby you will need:

    • The child’s date of birth
    • The child’s first, middle (if applicable) and last names
    • The birth mother’s maiden name
    • The name of the hospital or birthing centre where the birth took place (if applicable)
    • The name of the person who attended the birth (physician, midwife or other)
    • The weight of the child
    • The duration of pregnancy in weeks
    • You can only use this service for up to five children (quintuplets)
    • A valid method of payment (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Interac® Online) if applying for a birth certificate

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    Additional Information

    • A child’s birth can be registered with either one or two parents named on the birth registration. A parent must be one of the following:
    • The child’s mother, who is the woman who gave birth to the child
    • The child’s father, if he is the biological father and if he is acknowledged by the mother and agrees to be named on the birth registration
    • The child’s “other parent”, who is a non-biological parent of the child, where the child was born from assisted conception with an anonymous sperm donor. Another parent can only be named on the birth registration if he/she is acknowledged by the mother and he/she agrees to be named on the birth registration
    • The birth registration must be signed by each parent whose information is included on the birth registration form unless that parent is incapable due to illness or death
    • If both parents are incapable, or the mother is incapable and the father is unknown or unacknowledged by the mother, and the child has no other parent, the statement may be completed and signed by an informant acting on the mother’s behalf. In this case, a statutory declaration must be submitted. Information on statutory declarations will be provided at the end of your online session. For further information contact ServiceOntario at 416-325-8305 or 1-800-461-2156
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Learn about ServiceOntario’s commitment to privacy and security
    • Before you begin, please ensure that you meet these browser requirements
    • This service is tested daily with McAfee SECURE™ to ensure the security of the transaction and information
  • Marriage certificates

    If a marriage has been registered in Ontario, you can apply for this certificate online quickly, simply and securely.

    Before You Start

    To apply for your marriage certificate, you will need:

    • First and last names of both parties to the marriage
    • Date of the marriage
    • City or town of marriage

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  • Death certificates

    If a death has been registered in Ontario, you can apply for this certificate online quickly, simply and securely.

    Before You Start

    Please note: The death must be registered in Ontario to use this service.

    To apply for a death certificate, you will need:

    • First and last name of the deceased subject
    • Gender of the deceased subject
    • Date of death
    • City or town of death
    • Parental information about the deceased subject
    • Spouse or partner information, if applicable
    • A valid method of payment (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Interac® Online)

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  • Accessible parking permits

    Accessible parking permits are issued to a person or business and not a vehicle. Permit holders must have been in the vehicle and the permit displayed on the dashboard in order to park in an accessible parking space.

    Only people with certain health conditions can apply for an accessible parking permit. Read the eligibility requirements below before you apply.

    To apply for an accessible parking permit, there are 2 parts to the application form:

    • Part A – to be completed by the applicant
    • Part B – to be completed by your health care practitioner

    You can obtain an application form by visiting any ServiceOntario centre or by downloading a PDF version of the form.

    Submit the completed form with original documents showing proof of name, date of birth and signature to a ServiceOntario centre in-person.

    Applications can also be sent by mail to the address below. If applying by mail, send photocopies only.

    P.O. Box 9800
    Kingston ON
    K7L 5N8

    Find the nearest ServiceOntario centre




    3 weeks by mail
    7 weeks when submitted at a ServiceOntario centre

    Interim permit

    While you are waiting for your permit to arrive in the mail, you can get an interim accessible parking permit valid for 90 days at a ServiceOntario centre.

  • Services for seniors

    Key Telephone Numbers

    • Seniors’ INFOline
      TTY: 1-800-387-5559
    • Service Canada
      1-800-O-Canada (622-6232)
      TTY: 1-800-926-9105
    • Pension Programs – Service Canada
      English: 1-800-277-9914
      French: 1-800-277-9915
      TTY: 1-800-255-4786
    • Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre
    • Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee
    • Elder Abuse – Senior Safety Line


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